Not really. We offer bungalows with kitchens and decks, not rooms like hotels do. Hotels are big on services, and cater to large amounts of people - we are never crowded and our guests trade services for privacy. 

The Dusun experience is a little different.  We are eco-friendly and enjoy open-concept houses, so we have no air-cond.  But the air if fresh and moist. We don’t have TV, so bring a book, music and board games if you like.  We do not have services after 7 pm except in emergencies.  

BEFORE MAKING A BOOKING: Via What’s app, Instagram, Facebook.

AFTER MAKING A BOOKING: Please reply to your confirmation email for any special arrangements during your stay. This way, we can track your booking and link it to your request.


For quick questions, you can send us a Whatsapp or call +6012-616-2585. We are available from 10 am to 5 pm for guests who are not on-site. We are available for emergencies around the clock for on-site guests.


TO MAKE A BOOKING: Click here to book directly, removing the middle person. The system calculates discounts for longer stays automatically. Please do not add children to the booking software. Our booking system does not allow children, but we do. We provide up to two mattresses for children for free. We just need to be informed in advance.


GROUP BOOKINGS: Please note the largest group we can host is 24 pax overnight and 40 for a day trip. These may include corporate trips, weddings, wellness retreats, or other gatherings.


Press & Media:

For best rates, book directly with us here.

Please do not add children to your booking search. Our booking system does not allow children, but we do. We provide up to 2 mattresses for free. We just need to be informed in advance.

We want to protect the privacy of our guests and ourselves. We have limited parking, and we try not to crowd the facilities. Only those with prior bookings may enter this property.

It’s best to make the trek in the morning after breakfast to avoid the rain. You may book the guide when you arrive. If you are staying one night, you will probably need to check out before your trek and shower on the patio before you leave.

Our concept promises space, privacy and peace. This is something guests will not enjoy if houses are filled overcapacity. Maximum numbers are non-negotiable for everyone’s comfort.

Weekend bookings are restricted. We open weekends for one night bookings two weeks before the stay date, if houses are still available.  For example, if you’d like to stay one night on Saturday, January 14th, you would only be able to make that booking on January 1 or later. If you book more than two weeks in advance, before January 1, then a minimum two night stay is required.

We try to prioritise longer stays on the weekends. We feel these guests have a more relaxed experience of the Dusun.

We do not allow day guests. Extra people can overwhelm our facilities and other guests.

Many children have enjoyed the Dusun. It is a different experience from the city as they can peer at fish and tadpoles, watch frogs hop around and look out for birds in the trees. We have a playground, a kid’s pool, and high chairs available for guests. We recommend bringing mosquito repellant cream for children.

Please do not add children to your booking request as our booking system does not allow children, but we do. We provide up to two mattresses for children for free. We just need to be informed in advance.

Please keep a close eye on your children while on the Dusun.

- Before 14 days of the booked date, cancellations can be changed to another date at no cost.

- Cancellations 14 days or less before the booked date will be charged one-night stay.

- Cancellations within 48 hours of booked date will be charged for the entire stay.


Group bookings have different guidelines. Terms will be on the quotation.


Check-in is 3 pm, and check out is at 12 noon.

Public transport:
FROM KUALA LUMPUR: KTM Kommuter from KL Sentral to Seremban.

FROM KLIA: There are buses to Seremban that take an hour and cost around RM15. You will need a taxi from the bus station to the Dusun.

FROM SINGAPORE: Fly to KLIA or KLIA2 or Bus from Singapore to Seremban.

All about Taxis:
We have a trusted taxi driver who speaks English (based on availability). We book this taxi for our guests for free. The taxi is a third-party cost, and 100% goes to the driver.

We have had guests arrange their own taxi with no problems. However, some taxis get lost, and others don’t want to drive up our hill. We advise guests to book through us.

Taxi Prices:
Seremban Train or Bus Station – the Dusun one way: RM35

KL Airport – the Dusun one way: RM160 for two people with small luggage.

KL South or City Centre: RM220
KL North and West (PJ/ Subang etc): RM270

Once you book online and receive the confirmation email, just reply to make a taxi booking. Twelve seater vans can also be arranged based on availability.

We are located on a hill to enjoy great views. We have had all types of cars come up here, from Kancils to Porsches. Just drive on the lowest gear when going up and down. When going up, you need a little momentum on a low gear; when going down, drive slowly on a low gear.

The entrance to the main resort is steeper; the one to Perling House is easier. Any guest is welcome to park at Perling House.

Unfortunately, no. We are on a hill, and there are many steps between different areas.


We do not have the volume to offer the rates that consumers typically enjoy when it comes to food. We can’t purchase in bulk when it comes to the produce. Also, please consider the time and cost of purchasing, transport, and compensating a reliable cook/ purchaser for these sporadic meals.

Kitchens are available in each house, so anyone may bring their own food. In fact, many of our guests prefer to cook.

PANTAI: There is a shop in Pantai which sells vegetables, frozen meats and other basics. But only during the day.

A huge variety of dry and fresh food is available here. However, there are no western food products here like cheese or good bread. For Western food groceries, go to AEON.

This grocery store has western-style groceries like cheese and wine along with other dry and fresh produce. It is in Seremban 2, about half an hour drive away.

We sell charcoal and wire with lighting services (only at 5PM) for RM30. But you’re also welcome to bring your own.

Once you arrive and are shown to your house, we pretty much leave you alone. 

Staff clean occupied houses in the morning (for those who stay longer than one night). We do not have a 24-hour reception. We have a staff on duty for services from 8 am to 7 pm. If you need anything, please make your request before 7 pm. However, there is someone staying on-site to attend to emergencies at night.


The Dusun is the ideal place to keep your distance and still enjoy walks and views. You will have space to yourself. 


Very Few Guests
We have only seven houses, widely spaced over 5 acres.


Book your private time in the pools
We have two pools shared by seven bungalows. Each house may book private time in the pools.


Masks must be worn when talking to our staff or other guests. Check-in is 3 pm, and intensive cleaning does not allow early check-in.

We have CCTV on paths and the pools but offer guest houses privacy. We have a staff member staying on-site at night to handle emergencies. The front gate is locked at all times, and the back gate is locked at night.  We do not allow casual guests; only those with bookings may enter.

Three generations of our family lived here for decades, sleeping with doors and windows open. 

We want to protect the privacy of our guests and ourselves. We have limited parking, and we try not to crowd the facilities. Only those with prior bookings may enter this property.

We are an eco-resort and have made social and environmental commitments, so we do not have air-cond. Instead, we are 800 m above sea level and have giant trees. Instead of closed up houses, our houses are open to views and air flows. We recommend that the windows remain open to aid the flow of air.

Yes, we receive mobile service, especially in Tembusu and Emas houses.

We are careful to not leave stagnant water anywhere and to treat our decorative water pots. The water pots also contain tadpoles that eat larvae. 

This is a very healthy natural environment. There are mosquitoes (we provide mosquito repellant, please use the holders), lizards, and sometimes ants in the houses. If you choose an open-concept house, bats may fly through it at night.

We are an eco-friendly retreat catering to those who love nature and are excited to see a bit of wildlife. 


Yes, we do receive company and wellness trips.

The max capacity for an overnight stay is 24 people with bed-sharing. We do not have twin sharing. Group bookings come with discounts and catered meals. Please email for a quotation.
To book all houses on the weekend, you are advised to book at least three months in advance.

We have hosted several weddings. The maximum number of people for an event is 40 people. Twenty-four of them may stay over. You will need to book all houses. If this is the weekend, a minimum two night stay is required. We ask for all wedding decor to be fully biodegradable.

You’re most welcome to celebrate a special occasion at the Dusun. However, most of our guests are here for peace and quiet. We do not tolerate loud parties or behaviour that disturbs other guests.

The sounds of nature are serene and a rarity in the modern world. We try our best to preserve them here, and we hope you will too.


Berembun House, Tembusu House, Emas House and Lanai houses are dog-friendly because they have large decks within the houses and dog gates. A maximum of 2 dogs are allowed per house. Dogs:

- are not permitted in the pools.

- are not allowed on any furniture.

- need their own feeding bowls and beds.

- should be on leashes when not in their houses.

- should not poop on the paths. If they do, the owner should clean up after them.

- Dogs trained to guard or bark at people a lot or bark a lot in general, are not allowed on the Dusun.

- should not get close to Muslim guests.

- Please respect these guidelines and be sensitive to other guests who are not dog-friendly so we can continue to host dogs.