Activities On The Dusun

Plenty of things to do at The Dusun. We have two infinity pools shared by our seven bungalows. These are salt-water pools so we can minimise the use of chlorine. 

A traditional Malay full-body massage costs RM180 for 1 hour in your own house. Men are massaged by the male masseur and women by the female masseur.

We have two chicken coops, the one behind Kantan House is rather tall, and people may enter it with our staff’s guidance.

Our little deer family has two enclosures. We let the grass in the  first enclosure grow back while they live in the second one. So do check which enclosure the deer are in if you’d like to visit them.

We sell the meat from time to time, do inquire if you would like some deer meat. 

We have two vegetable patches. One is above Tapir House, and the other is in front of Tembusu House. We also have some herbs for cooking in little gardens around The Dusun. When we have vegetables in season, guests are welcome to buy them from our Dapur on the Patio.

We mainly have durian trees on our 12-acre lot. For those who know about durian species, we planted D2, D24 and Durian Kampung in the 80s. We also have Avocadoes, Rambutan, Rambai, Langsat, Pulasan, Petai, Manggis, Nangka, Jambu Air, and Jambu Batu; mainly lining our walking paths. The Lanai is special; different citrus trees surround it. One of the favourite things to do on The Dusun is pick durians off the ground. Guests are welcome to harvest fruits to eat on-site. 

Our Petai forest sits on the edge of our property and has never been cut down. We left it as a patch of bush but planted some Petai and a few other fruit trees there. It was untouched for decades, until we decided to make a path through it for short walks among these towering trees. 

Just below Berembun House is an acre of Mahogany trees. A path now zig-zags through it. It feels different from Petai Forest.

This is where we offer breakfast for guests, group meals, drinks for sale and free wifi. It’s a nice place to sit with a book or a friend.


Walks near The Dusun

This guided trek takes twenty minutes to get to the jungle entrance and an hour to the waterfall. The rate is RM80 for the first two people and RM40 for each following person, including the jungle entrance fee.

Those who are more adventurous can do a longer trek that would take about 6 hours. The cost is RM120 per person. You will need shoes with good grip, socks and a water bottle.

*There are leeches during the rainy season.
*There is an opportunity to swim at the end of this trek. Do bring a swimming suit or wear it under your hiking clothes. The waterfall can get crowded on the weekends, and local culture frowns upon nudity.
*The trek is only recommended for those between 8 and 65 years who have some experience in jungle treks with no built paths.

Just a 10 minute walk from the Perling Gate is a river suitable for swimming.  Please ask Reception for directions. 

*There are leeches during the rainy season.

*There are no built paths in the jungle close to the river. 


Short drives from The Dusun

Just a 10 minute drive away is an ostrich farm where ostriches, flamingos and deer are within enclosures. Guests may find a shaded area with a playground (that is not well maintained) near some pheasant and bird aviaries inside the Ostrich Farm. This activity would be interesting for small children.

This beautiful wooden palace was home to the Negeri Sembilan royal family between 1908 and 1931. Built by the finest artisans of their time, the museum showcases royal functions and snippets of history. If you’re interested in Minangkabau culture and architecture, this museum is a treat. It is a 40-minute car ride. A taxi can be arranged for this location.

The wet market is a must-visit for those who do not live in Malaysia. Especially early in the morning, the market represents the very pulse of this small city, Seremban, and a real encounter with Malaysia’s colourful, odiferous and loud personality.


Most stalls are run by independent grocers/growers, and the produce is as fresh as it gets – the catfish wriggle around in your bag! Do bring your own shopping bags or buy a tote bag from us, or you will get plastic bags within plastic bags for every item.

The food court upstairs will even be of interest to locals. There is a wide variety of authentic local food, including the famous Seremban Beef Noodles. Don’t forget to visit the Cendol (crushed ice dessert) stall in the parking lot.

The historic city Melaka is full of pretty cafes, great museums, delicious Nyonya food, and souvenirs. Just an hour and a bit away, you could spend the day exploring the many interesting and delicious parts of this UNESCO heritage city. A taxi can be arranged. Please discuss the price with the driver when you book him. The rate depends on how much time you’d like to spend.