In 1984, Helen and David bought this little piece of hill by a Malaysian rainforest . It was a rubber estate with no water source or electricity.


They lovingly worked the land – mostly with local villagers they hired and befriended, and sometimes with their five children – until it became the little piece of paradise we enjoy today.

About two people standing in front of a house with smoke coming out of it.

Helen and David clearing land by their first house on the hill, (now Tembusu House)  in 1988.

A man and a woman sitting at the top of a waterfall looking up into the trees

Our Story

The Dusun was created around our family’s love for nature, privacy, cooking up storms and lingering meals together. Close to quaint Seremban that offers small town charm and city conveniences. Read more about our unique concept here. 

A man looking out into the misty Malaysian rainforest.


Just outside Seremban and over an hour away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is The Dusun, an eco-friendly accommodation in the foothills of the Titiwangsa Main Range and Berembun Forest Reserve. Read more about where we are.

Ah Kau, a hunter gatherer, leaning against a large rock in the jungle.


The Dusun is in the traditionally matriarchal state called Negeri Sembilan (directly translates to Nine States) in Malaysia. The closest villages to us are home to Temuan, one of the many indigenous tribes in Malaysia. Much of Negeri Sembilan (capital Seremban) consist of Minangkabau people.  Learn more about our local culture. 

About: A frog in a pond surrounded by rocks and plants.


The way we build, the activities we offer, the products we purchase, and who we hire – are all important decisions that impact the environment and our surrounding communities. Read more about our sustainable practices.