How do I book or check if a house is available?

Please enter your dates here and click GO to proceed. The houses available will show on the following page.

You will receive 2 emails, the first requesting payment with food menu attached. The second a confirmation after payment is made.

How do I get there if I’m not driving?

Recommended public transport:
From Kuala Lumpur: KTM Kommuter from KL Sentral to Seremban.
From Singapore: Fly to KLIA or KLIA2 or Bus from Singapore to Seremban.

All about Taxis:
We have a trusted taxi driver who speaks English (based on availability). We recommend letting us book the taxi for you.

We have had guests arrange their own taxi with no problems. However, some taxis get lost and others don’t want to drive up our hill. We are not responsible for taxi services that guests arrange independently and cannot arrange for taxis who are not our trusted transport partners.

Taxi Prices:
Seremban – the Dusun one way: RM50
KL Airport – the Dusun one way: RM200 for 2 people with small luggage.
KL South or City Centre: RM220
KL North and West (PJ/ Subang etc): RM270

Once you book online and receive the email from the booking team (the second email with booking number and payment details), just reply to make a taxi booking. 12 seater vans can also be arranged.


What is your phone number? How do I contact you?

The best course of action is to check this website for all the information you need and make a booking here. We are a small team of multi-taskers, and we are a self-catering accommodation which is suited to those who enjoy being independent. If you have any questions which are not answered on the website, please message us on Facebook here.

Can I come just to see the place, not stay the night?

We want to protect the privacy of our guests and ourselves. We have limited parking and we try not to crowd the facilities. The Dusun is the private residence of the owners. Only those with prior bookings may enter this property.


Are there mosquitoes there?

Mosquitoes are part of nature; they do exist here. We provide vapemats near the beds; fans and the wind will protect you at night. Mosquito coils are a fire hazard and are not allowed on The Dusun.

We are careful that there is no standing water in drains, and we rear fish in all our water pots to eat mosquito larvae. However, when you are walking around the orchard it is advisable to use spray-on repellant.


How do I book the jungle guide?

It’s best to take the trek in the morning after breakfast to avoid rain. You may book the guide when you arrive.


Do I have to bring charcoal and wire for the barbecue?

No you don’t. But if you bring your own food, we charge RM20 for charcoal, wire, fire-starter and the service of lighting the barbecue. If you order food from us, the lit barbecue and wire is included.


Can I add extra mattresses and have more people if I pay extra?

Our concept promises space, privacy and peace. This is something guests will not enjoy if houses are filled over capacity. Maximum numbers are non-negotiable for everyone’s comfort.


Why can’t I book a 1 night weekend stay much earlier?

We only take one night weekend bookings 2 weeks before the date in question. For example, if you’d like to stay on Saturday, January 14th, you would only be able to make that booking on January 1 or later.

We try to prioritize longer stays on the weekends. We feel these guests have a more relaxed experience of the Dusun.


Can I do a company trip to the Dusun?

Yes, we cater for small events. 18 adults overnight or 40 for day guests. Please find out more here.

Can I throw a party?

You’re most welcome to celebrate a special occasion at the Dusun. However, most of our guests are here for the peace and quiet. We do not tolerate parties or behavior that disturbs other guests.

The sounds of nature are serene and a rarity in the modern world, we try our best to preserve them here, we hope you will too.


Do I need a 4-wheel drive to get to the Dusun?

We are located on a hill to enjoy great views. We have had all types of cars come up here, from Kancils to Porsches. Just drive on the lowest gear when going up and down. When going up, you need a little momentum; when going down drive slowly.

There are 2 entrances to the Dusun. The one to the main resort is steeper; the one to Perling House is easier. Any guest is welcome to park at Perling House.


Do you have Wifi?

We have wifi on the Dining Patio but not in the houses. Our wifi is limited. If you would like to watch something, we suggest downloading it before you arrive.


Is there mobile phone service there?

Yes, we do receive mobile service from Celcom and patchy service from other providers.


What do you mean by self-catering?

Once you arrive and are shown to your house, we pretty much leave you alone. Staff clean occupied houses in the morning and send meals if you have ordered them. We do not have 24-hour reception. We have staff on duty from 8am to 7pm. If you need anything please make your request before 7pm. However, the owners are available to attend to emergencies at night.


Is the Dusun dog-friendly?

Berembun House, Tembusu House and Emas Houses are dog-friendly because they have large decks within the houses and have dog gates. A maximum of 2 dogs are allowed per house. Dogs:

  • are not allowed in the pools.
  • are not allowed on any furniture.
  • need their own feeding bowls and beds.
  • should be on leashes when not in their houses.
  • should not poop on the paths. If they do, the owner should clean up after them.
  • that are trained to guard or that bark at people a lot are not allowed.
  • should not get close to Muslim guests.

Please respect these guidelines and be sensitive to other guests who are not dog-friendly so we can continue to host dogs.


Can I bring friends who are not staying the night? 

We do not allow day guests. Extra people can overwhelm our facilities and other guests.


Is the Dusun wheelchair friendly?

Unfortunately, no. We are on a hill and there are many steps between all the different areas.


Is the Dusun suitable for children?

Many children have enjoyed the Dusun. It is a different experience from the city as they can peer at fish and tadpoles, watch frogs hop around and look out for birds in the trees. We have a playground, a kid’s pool, a high chair and a baby cot available for guests. We also have a little deer park where children can help feed the deer. We recommend bringing mosquito repellant cream for children.


What is the cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations before 14 days of the booked date can be changed to another date at no cost.
  • Cancellations 14 days or less before the booked date will be charged one-night stay.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of booked date will be charged the entire stay.