Jungle trek to a waterfall (within walking distance)


The jungle guide, Ah Kau, has been a hunter gatherer all his life. He nursed his late wife through 13 home births with plants he collected from the jungle. He complains that his children’s generation do not want to use the jungle medicines any longer; they all go to the clinic.

Ah Kau’s trek now begins at the Dusun. It takes 20 minutes to get to the jungle entrance then an hour to get to the waterfall. He charges RM80 for the first two people and RM30 for each following person. For those more adventurous, the Ah Kau can do a longer trek that would take about 6 hours. The cost of that would be RM120 per person. You will need shoes with good grip and socks. There are leeches during the rainy season, they are relatively easy to pull off. This is a real trek, not a walk in the park. It is only recommended for those between 8 years and 65 years.

Please note that we might need to book a different guide in case Ah Kau is booked already.   _DSC0105EL _DSC0400EL_DSC0399EL  _DSC0435EL

Photography: Portraits and Workshops (within walking distance)

Our neighbour, Nikt Wong, is a renowned and seasoned photographer. Combine his keen skill and calm nature with the rich array of photographic opportunities at the nearby Berembun forest reserve and village – these portraits and workshops are an interesting way to catalogue beautiful relationships and experience the surrounding area and species.

We’re happy to make an appointment for you. Please do so at least a week in advance to avoid disappointment. Or contact Nikt Wong at +6016-358-6115 or niktwong (at)



Activity Type Duration Content/ Includes Price
Portraits 3 hours: 3 to 4 unique scenes ·      Stylist & make-up assistance provided.

·      Online viewing and download of finished photos.

·      Family portraits RM1800 (max 4 persons. Each additional person RM350).

·      Couple RM1500

·      Individual Portrait RM800

Travel Photography Workshop 5-6 hours ·      Presentation & discussion on travel photography stories & techniques.

·      Exploration of plants, flowers, insects, animals and human characters.

·      Involves trips to Pantai village, nature, stream & wet market.

·      Basic digital photography knowledge will be helpful (although not required).

·      Bring your own camera. Phone cameras are fine, a DSLR will give you the best learning experience.

RM480 per person (minimum 2 persons, maximum 4 persons)
Beginner’s Photography Workshop 3 hours ·      Presentation & discussion on digital photography theories & techniques.

·      We tackle shutter speed/Aperture/ISO /Flash and other camera functions.

·      Photographic exploration of flowers, insects, animals and people.

·      Involves walking trips into surrounding nature.

·      Bring your own camera. Phone cameras are fine, a DSLR will give you the best learning experience.

RM280 per person. (minimum 2 persons, maximum 4 persons).


Bird discovery walk (within walking distance)

Birds easily blend into the background. But once you’re learn how to watch for them, the fascinating colours, sounds and behaviour of all the different types of birds will delight you.

The Bird Walk guides, Angela and Rafi Kudus are our neighbours who have been avid bird watchers for over 30 years. Rafi is the Chairman of the Bird Conservation Council of the Malaysian Nature Society. They are not only passionate and knowledgeable about birds, they are also great company. They have identified over 300 species of birds around the Dusun including 5 different hornbills. This is an easy 2-hour walk with lots of stops on mostly tarred roads. It costs RM50 per person, all proceeds go to the Bird Conservation Council.

**Please note that the guides are retired volunteers and are not always available. birdwatch1   _MG_8301EL1 _MG_7848EL1


A Malay traditional massage costs RM180 for 1 hours in your own house. Men are massaged by the male masseur and women by the female masseur.


Deer Park

Four little deer have an enclosure just below Emas House. Daily feeding is around 5pm if you’d like to join us.





*half-day trip

Ostrich Farm

Just a 10 minute drive away is an ostrich farm where ostriches, flamingos and deer are within enclosures. This would be interesting for small children. oistrich

Sri Menanti Museum

This beautiful old palace was home to the Negeri royal family between 1908 and 1931. A four-storey wooden building was created with the finest traditional craftsmanship. The museum showcases royal functions and snippets of history. If you’re interested in Negeri culture and architecture, this Museum will be a treat, although you do have to dig a little for information.  It is a 40 minute car ride. A taxi can be arranged.

Wet Market

For those who do not live in Malaysia, the wet market is a must visit. Especially early in the morning, the market represents the very pulse of this small city, Seremban, and a real encounter with Malaysia’s colourful, odiferous and loud personality. Most stalls are manned by independent grocers/growers, and produce is as fresh as it can be – the catfish wriggle around in your bag! Do bring your own shopping bags, or you will get plastic bags within plastic bags for every item. There is a food court upstairs with authentic stall food, including the famous Seremban beef noodles. There is also some batik and clothes to be found upstairs. A taxi can be arranged.


*day trips


The historic city Melaka is full of pretty cafes, great museums, delicious Nyonya food, and souvenirs. Just an hour and a bit away, you could spend the day exploring the many interesting and delicious parts of this UNESCO heritage city. A taxi can be arranged. Buses are also available from Seremban to Melaka.


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